Top Three Tips to Kick your Marketing up a Notch in 2022

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Business owners need to know how to promote their businesses in the right way, especially now with the changing trends in technology. Business owners have to utilize technology (and everything it has to offer) to maximize marketing strategies. Yes, it is important to promote your business online but with the changing trends, business owners do not necessarily understand how to maximize technology so it can give you the best results. No matter which of the methods you choose, the key is putting your customers first in everything you do. Speak to entertain them, inform them, and teach them.

2020 brings a lot of new and innovative ways to up your marketing strategies up a notch. In fact, an online marketing Orange County business explores all the different ways to maximize technology to suit your marketing needs. The services they utilize would use search engine optimization features, strategic and creative brand designs, employ a performance-based data driven inbound marketing approach, use video marketing strategies, and even a HubSpot!

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Here are Creative Marketing Strategies for Business Owners:

  1. Revamp Your Website

When it comes to promoting your business online, everything needs to lead back to your website because it is the one piece of the internet you completely control. Investing in your website helps you build long-term equity in your brand. You will develop an asset that never stops working for you, and gives your customers a home base. The key to a successful website is one that is not only aesthetically appealing but is easy for your customers to use and contains content that they find useful. Your website should be treated as a living and breathing organism that must be kept up-to-date and continues to grow.

  1. Tell Your Story Through Podcasts

2019 research indicates that nearly ⅓ of Americans over age 12 listen to a podcast monthly. 41% of Americans say they are listening to podcasts now more than they did last year. And, Americans average 7 podcasts per week during the period of the study.

This tells us that there is a high demand for podcast content which is becoming the new radio. It’s cheaper, easier, and has a much greater reach. If your company has the resources, our regular podcast can be the center of your content marketing strategy. You can build an audience and establish your brand’s authority.

  1. Stay On Top of SEO Trends

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of attempting to drive traffic to your website organically through search engines. As Google continues to exert more influence on its own results, SEO is becoming more difficult, but it does not mean you should completely abandon it.

A properly executed organic SEO campaign builds equity in your site which keeps it working for you over the long-term. Organic SEO is better than pay per click ads in many cases. However, because SEO can take months to see results from, it needs to be only a portion of your overall marketing strategy.

Whether you are looking for a few tricks to boost your writing efforts, or are starting out with your content marketing strategy, staying up to date with your potential and current customer’s needs and wishes is key to producing content that speaks volumes. So, do your research, do not forget to check out your competitors, involve the whole team, and produce enticing content that will turn your visitors into leads.