Crypto Kids Camp: Should My 5-Year Old Learn About NFTs?

As the crypto industry continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for educational resources that can teach kids about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Crypto Kids Camp is one such organization that is gaining popularity, albeit with some controversy.

There are a number of schools and camps that have popped up around the world that focus on teaching kids about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. These programs usually last a week or two and teach kids about the basics of cryptocurrencies, how to mine them, and how to trade them.

Crypto Kids Camp is still a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s already garnered quite a bit of controversy. Some people believe that teaching kids about cryptocurrency is irresponsible, as they could easily lose money if they don’t know what they’re doing. Others argue that it’s a valuable skill for them to learn, especially if they’re interested in finance or entrepreneurship.

This summer in Los Angeles, dozens of children ages 5 to 17 will attend the third-ever session of Crypto Kids Camp, where they’ll learn about everything from artificial intelligence to virtual reality using hands-on games and activities. (The camp was scheduled to take place this week during the April public school break, but due to a construction issue in their space, it’s been rescheduled for summer.) It’s part of a burgeoning cottage industry made up of camps, startups, and video content devoted to educating the next generation about Web3, sometimes even before they can read.

The weeklong camp, which costs $500, divides kids into four age groups and has them spend a set amount of time on different tech modules that follow the acronym Beastmode (that’s blockchain, evolution of money, artificial intelligence, security/cyber, technology/virtual reality, mining and machine learning, online gaming, drones, and engineering). Some parents pay for it, but kids from poorer backgrounds may be eligible to receive a scholarship. Attending kids receive a laptop, a drone, a robot, a VR headset, and a phone with a crypto wallet, all of which they get to keep. “It’s like Christmas,” says Roberts of the day when the campers receive their wallets. “They’re stoked.” She has big plans: By this summer, Crypto Kids Camp plans to operate in six states, and by fall, there are expected to be 41 locations nationwide.

The camp has been met with some criticism, primarily due to the fact that it is teaching children about an industry that is still relatively new and unproven. Some worry that the camp could be setting kids up for disappointment if they do not understand the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrency.

According to founder Najah Roberts, the camp is a way to lessen the wealth gap between privileged kids and underserved communities. “It’s important to catch our kids when they’re young to help them open their minds to what the possibilities are,” she says. “You can tell them that there are jobs in tech, but when they actually know that they can create those jobs, those platforms, those games, you see their minds open.”

Whether you agree with the camp or not, there is no denying that it is filling a need in the market. As the crypto industry continues to grow, it is likely that we will see more and more organizations like Crypto Kids Camp emerge.