Donations With Bitcoin And Other Cryptos Are Booming

There are many organizations all over the world working to find solutions to some of the most pressing challenges now confronting the collective human race. These organizations and charities, highly dependent on donations, are now witnessing a substantial increase in crypto donations. Donating appreciated assets is nothing new, people have been donating stocks and properties to charities for a long time. However, no other asset has shown such an increase in donations as cryptocurrencies have, and according to experts, this growing trend is expected to continue in the upcoming years.

Crypto Usage is a website dedicated to connecting crypto enthusiasts with new alternatives to use their cryptocurrencies, and they’re on a mission to create the largest directory of organizations that accept crypto donations. Through Crypto Usage’s list of options for making donations with bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, the site presents key information on how a vast number of charities actively working to make the world a better place can be supported by crypto donations.

The number of charities around the world accepting digital asset donations in the form of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. There are many factors contributing to this growth, for instance: tax management has been an important driver for countries like the United States. Since many qualified charitable organizations accept donations in cryptocurrencies, donors can make their crypto donations tax deductible. In this respect, it’s more convenient for users to donate cryptocurrencies directly to nonprofit organizations than to convert their crypto into fiat and donate. The reason is very simple; selling digital assets is a taxable event, which means donors would only have to pay taxes for the conversion process. Therefore, as expected, many crypto holders prefer to make their tax-deductible donations in cryptocurrencies.

Another very interesting factor within the crypto realm that has caught the attention of nonprofits is that crypto investors are more likely than other investors to make donations. According to a survey conducted by Fidelity Charitable, 33% of all investors donated more than $1,000 to charity in 2020, and the number of cryptocurrency owners who donated at least $1,000 in the same year was 45%. This trend is mainly driven by millennials, a generation both more active in philanthropy and more interested in cryptocurrencies compared to other generations.

Every day, new charities look to benefit from the expansion of crypto donations, and new crypto users look for charities to support. Crypto Usage’s goal is to act as a bridge between donors and nonprofits, enabling crypto holders to make informed decisions and have secure and hassle-free cryptocurrency donation experiences. On the website, readers will find key information on each organization, the causes they’re fighting for, and the programs and activities they’re engaged in. Aiming to become a comprehensive one-stop site for crypto holders wanting to donate, the site presents a wide range of charities from initiatives fighting climate change, fighting poverty and hunger, advocating for women’s rights, providing education and support for children, along with many other pressing issues within the global community.

Alongside the extensive information about crypto donations, Crypto Usage offers other relevant listings and informative articles that allow users to enhance their experiences using cryptocurrencies. In their investments section, Crypto Usage shares investment options that use cryptocurrencies as funding to provide comprehensive knowledge about diverse, secure, accessible, and convenient alternatives for investors. The site also provides detailed reviews of companies that accept payments with today’s top market-leading cryptocurrencies. Even when many industries are still reluctant to incorporate crypto payments, many companies already see cryptocurrencies as a great channel to increase sales and pursue new markets. Through their dedicated reviews, Crypto Usage lets crypto holders compare providers where they can buy diverse items like games, clothing, cars, and even real estate.