New Study Says That Owning Bitcoin Will Make You More Desirable In The Dating Pool

Owning cryptocurrency may make you more desirable on the dating scene, according to a new study that analyzed what potential partners search for in online profiles. The findings are based on an analysis of Google autocomplete data by digital marketing firm JUICE Mobile aimed at determining which phrases are most frequently searched among singletons looking for love with someone who holds Bitcoin or Ethereum. Among men in possession of these cryptocurrencies, “interested in Bitcoin” ranked third while they were seventh among women. Ranked first overall was “looking for Bitcoin”, followed by “looking for Ethereum”. Meanwhile, “price of Bitcoin” came in 5th place overall.

Price of Bitcoin is 5th most popular search phrase among men who own cryptocurrency

According to the data, “price of Bitcoin” was also the top search term among single women looking for male crypto-owners. “Interested in Ethereum”, meanwhile, ranked third overall and second among men. The findings suggest that these phrases are more commonly used by those with an interest in cryptocurrencies than those merely curious about them. By contrast, phrases like “what is Bitcoin?” were searched relatively infrequently compared to more specific queries.

The study’s findings demonstrate how public perception around cryptocurrencies may be shifting as they gain increased mainstream attention beyond just their potential role in money laundering or purchasing illicit goods on darknet markets. As daters consider how — and whether — to incorporate them into their social life, it appears they are becoming more of a feature in the dating scene itself.

“The way people search for potential matches is changing radically thanks to new technology,” said Felix Leuschner of JUICE Mobile. “This trend is reflected in our findings — while some phrases clearly show that the digital revolution has not yet reached some corners of the love industry, others allow us to see some very interesting patterns that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago.”

JUICE Mobile calls this study an experiment on privacy and data ownership aimed at allowing daters control over how their information is used by corporations hoping to market themselves more effectively. Their methods appear intended to undermine widespread fears about what personal details about an individual may be revealed by using certain popular dating apps, such as Tinder.

Much like another recent study that found cryptocurrency to be a potential turn-on for some women looking for love, the JUICE results suggest that blockchain technology is now seeping into many aspects of daily life. In this way, cryptocurrencies are starting to shed their connection with illicit activity and become widely recognized as legitimate currencies used by mainstream investors and speculators.

In addition, they show how people find new avenues for socializing in the digital realm where privacy has been compromised time and again by hacks affecting major companies and internet platforms alike. Blockchain’s decentralized structure ensures greater security compared to centralized data storage systems more vulnerable to exploitation of personal information.

JUICE’s study drew from Google’s autocomplete function, which suggests the next word a user may type after typing only a few letters into the search bar. While it does not gather data itself, Google keeps track of popular searches and how they change over time. In this way, their findings are suggestive but do not claim to be fully representative.

“As technologies continue to evolve at a rapid pace, we can now take a peek into what people really want in a relationship,” said Leuschner. “What our experiment shows is that if someone wants to find out whether somebody is looking for love by searching for them online, then all they have to do is look up the most common search phrases.”

“I’m not surprised at the results because I think it’s common knowledge that people who invest in cryptocurrency are typically early adopters of technology and forward-thinking,” said Leuschner. “It’s also good to see that many women are open to dating men with these traits.”

While JUICE Mobile acknowledges there may be some limitations with its methodology, this is part of what makes studies like this one useful for generating discussion around how new technologies affect society — including their role in online dating.

Overall, these findings show how blockchain technology has begun making an impact on traditional industries just as the use of cryptocurrencies spreads beyond just digital markets into the general public. As these decentralized currencies continue to grow in popularity, this trend is likely to accelerate with them.

While the study only covers a small number of searches, it still provides an interesting insight into how blockchain technologies are changing societies around the world. For daters interested in cryptocurrencies, phrases like “price of Bitcoin” may be indicative of someone who is more willing to invest their time and energy studying for this emerging technology — which could prove beneficial if they hope to live up to their potential. With this said, there are also limitations that must be taken into account when drawing conclusions from search terms alone — factors such as age and location play an important role in determining whether someone views cryptocurrency favorably or not.

Regardless of how people are finding their significant others today, JUICE Mobile is happy to be part of the process — offering fast and low-cost international transfers that make it easier for singles around the world to find love.

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